Forex Trading Advisers

To summarize our detailed study of the types of Forex trading advisors

You should be aware that the approach to automated trading should not be different from the approach to manual trading – in order to make a profit, it will still be necessary to study the mechanism of work of your automatic assistants, test them for performance, “secure” yourself with risk management rules for each type of adviser and only then include them in the work. If the goal is to make a profit, then there should also be a professional approach to automated trading, and the concept of “thoroughness” and not “speed” should be the primary rule.

Regarding general recommendations in general for any type of adviser: I realize that few people listen to the recommendations, but the essence of automated trading is similar to how a person moves into an apartment in a new building: first, there are “bare walls” – you can live, but you want more comfort. Then you buy a refrigerator (put the 1st adviser) after you have compared several refrigerators, of course. Then you buy a sofa (put the 2nd Expert Advisor) according to the same scheme – not the first one you get, but one that is optimal in price/quality, as well as visually and in softness, you like more. Then the table (3rd adviser), then the telly (4th adviser), etc. Gradually you furnish your new apartment in the way you like. Are there any guarantees that the things you bought will not cease to please you, or that you will not find better analogs? Absolutely, no – you can very well change your refrigerator to a more powerful/large/some other, or replace the TV with a better one because the image has become “cramped”. Did you know in advance that the fridge will cease to suit you or that the telly will begin to cut? Of course not, you are acting in the conditions that exist in the present moment, and in the TOM present moment (in the past), according to the test results, those things were the best option for you. It’s also important that you don’t check your TV every day (is everything all right with the wires and the antenna connector?), And you’re unlikely to feel your table (and didn’t it crack there while you were at work? ) They just bought and forgot, and go about your business further.

That, in fact, was all that I wanted to tell about trading robots and automatic trading. I hope that the article was useful and slightly scared you =) In fact, a number of situations are rather complicated only during reading, but in practice, you will most likely see that a lot of things become intuitive.

However, if you still have questions, I am waiting for you in the comments. I will be happy to answer and give the necessary explanations. Also in the comments below, I will leave a link to the advisers mentioned in this article.

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