For Room Reservation, Scheduling, Building/Health/City Inspector, or making appointment, Contact Business Manager: 

 (Temporary)  Richard Taylor or Herman Fuechtmann –

House Committee Officers

Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Bowman –

Head-Bartender: Diane Blashill –

Bartender: Bob Blashill, Janelle Schliep, Marnie Wilson,
Nathan Wilson, Jessica Eggert

Game Coordinator:  –

Event Coordinator:  Julia Forti –

Charles Thompson – Board of Trustee

Ralph Fuechtmann, Bertha Scofield, Jack Graff, Herman Fuechtmann, Richard Taylor, and in trainee Mike Moder



By Mail,

Charles Thompson Memorial Hall
1824 Marshall Ave.,
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
TTY 651-644-3455 / VP 651 964 1396.