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Charles Thompson Memorial Hall
1824 Marshall Ave.,
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
TTY 651-644-3455 / VP 651 964 1396.

Charles Thompson - Board of Trustee

President - Herman Fuechtmann - President@thdeafclub.com

Vice President - Jacob Graff - VicePresident@thdeafclub.com

House Committee Officers

Chairperson - Daphne Smith - chairperson@thdeafclub.com

Treasurer/Secretary - Billy Yount - secretary@thdeafclub.com

Head Bartender - Diane Blashill - headbartender@thdeafclub.com

Online Reservation Form

*NOTE: Not all events are scheduled on calendar due to PRIVATE PARTY or MEETINGS.
dates shown on our calendar could be BOOKED, so call and find out for availability.

Our online form has moved here TEMPORARY due to PHP files.

OR Mail to:
Charles Thompson Memorial Hall
C/O House Committee Chairperson
1824 Marshall Ave.
St. Paul MN. 55104