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Charles Thompson Memorial Hall website has loaded with complete schedules and events. We are located at 1824 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
TTY 651-644-3455 / VP 651 964 1396.
Hours are Fridays 6 Pm to 1 Am, Saturday 5 Pm to 1 Am, Otherwise Noted.
Closed Sunday - Thursday, Can open with appointment.

For TOURS of Thompson Hall, Contact President - Herman Fuechtmann


StreetLeverage is working to raise monies for the Metro School for the Deaf (MDS). We will be asking for donations to assist MDS in equipping each of their middle schoolers with a Chromebook. We can equip all of them for just $11,500.00!

Join us? Donate now.

In exchange for your support, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the lush, visual storytelling of Patrick Fischer. His original combination of Sign Mime (also known as Cinematic ASL) and “theatre through Deaf eyes” techniques creates a world rich in emotion, action, humor and sheer ASL mastery. All event proceeds and donations will be given to the MDS Chromebook Fund.

(Event held in conjunction with StreetLeverage - Live 2017.)

We have established a Facebook event for the workday. You can find the link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/400511766974523/

Also, as part of the event and in order to get a better sense of how many people we can expect, You can find that info here: https://thwd.eventbrite.com

Upcoming Events

Updated April 19, 2017

CARBLES Cribbage Tournament Deaf Access to Justice

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